For Lovers Only

For Lovers Only

Saturday, 3 October 2015

What if I Showed You Something that Took Your Breath Away...

I said.. Most people's doors are completely closed.
He said.. What's behind the door?

Love, and anger,
and fear and joy
and sadness.

And that was it, we both knew it was forever.

Day Dreams in the Night...

Thursday, 1 October 2015

Happy Ballet Day!

Off to Sydney this weekend to compete...
Thank you to my friend and talented photographer Alex for this shot. I either look good for the catalogue or like an alien #crazybackbend... excitement! 

Monday, 28 September 2015

Draft Book Cover...

It has its insides, the writings done and with the publisher, now for the design.... Just a draft right now but it's a start, so happy.

Photographer.. lil' me, taken at a natural frozen lake in Banff and yes that's me in the photo :)

Thursday, 24 September 2015


Pale fire wakes up the day,
peeking over the horizon.
I can see the world passing them by.

I live so many lifetimes in a single moment.
In the day the light shines on me,
but in the night nothing can distract from my pain.
All cut up from my past,
that red gold spilling out of me,
but with that I can see myself from the inside,
and I know I'm good.

From an angle life has a cinematic quality,
there's nothing in the way
and when things don't feel real you can live without fear.

I know there's a time coming up,
that's just for me.
There's a break in the day that will give me such joy.
When the sky tares open
and I'm on that swing in my favourite park,
reaching the highest point I close my eyes,
then imagine flying off to the stars.

With gold in my heart
I look the same as I always have.
And although there's a million ways to look at the world,
laying naked under a waterfall in the evening,
looking at the stars,
is the best by far.

Some Flowers Bloom in Darkness...

tonight i am alone
curling into myself to disappear
a flower before spring
so tightly bound and
impossible to open
but the sun comes and i do
arms spread wide to all there is
exposed and unafraid
with love enough for all of us
before the dark comes again

Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Only him...

I recognise my life from a distance,
the picture fades in and out.

I run out into the sunshine, stand above the hill facing the ocean.
My days were empty, but now they are full.
I always write more when I'm still.
On my own,

My journal is mostly about him,
and in the darkness,
when I'm cut from love,
I make the rain fall straight as a blade.
It always makes me feel better, its heart beating against the window pane

Though what if I fall again and can't get up.
My old, gold soul
the loudest silence of all-
is that one that happens,
that no one can see,
when I wonder in the night if anyone will wait for me.
Because with only a baby step at a time,
it will take such a long while
for me to walk this mile.