For Lovers Only

For Lovers Only

Friday, 26 June 2015


Underneath the day night awaits.
Whispering words of encouragement to the setting sun.
The moment between days is my most favourite.
Though sometimes you have to leave the city to see the stars.

I have this restlessness in my heart, that's made a home now,
I can't see it leaving.
Though with all that's going on, I understand,
That I'll never, ever be a part of that plan.

I stand back and wonder,
watch and be still.
Listening to all the things that can teach me.

The night whispers words of wisdom, as darkness tempts.
I step close, press my ear against,
the Earth,
I can hear it breathing,
seeping us all in life. 

Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Destination Unknown...

Back to the beginning,
before I was hurt,
before I knew what flowed under my skin.
Each breath was free,

I see my past now as a forrest,
dead trees scattered throughout.
I walk by.
The new trees with their fresh bark and scent of pine remind me of who I really am.
Remind me that there's a place beyond,
where I don't have to hold still and walk in straight lines.
Where white picket fences don't exist, and we're not all so trained,
not to find,


We forget where we're from,
where we started at.
Walking carefully the outline of life,
never stepping in fully.
Never feeling the breeze, 
of that plunge from the verge.
Maybe why our heart is so close to breaking?
Maybe why we can't find anyone to sing our song?


The trap awaits.
I stand by,
as they fall.
There's a distant echo.
From a height leaves slip,
twirling to the ground.

The night is fragile,
like a whisper never heard.
A trickle of rain against a branch in a lonely forrest. 

I'm the only one by myself,
though many more feel alone. 
At least I'm not pretending.

Twilight hangs in the sky,
waiting for my gaze,
as though its existence depends on people noticing.
Who depends on me?


Yesterday I died.
All the sadness finally crushed me into nothing. 
No one noticed that I was gone, above the roar of the waves
that took me back home. 

I savoured the salty taste on my tongue,
of an ocean I knew so well. 
My last breath but a whisper in the black velvet night,
as my favourite blue took me under.
(A photograph from one of my favourite artists- Kyle Thompson)

Letting Go...

Somewhere in my mind,
the thought of you, like a flame
in the future.
I wonder if you exist and if you will love me like I've imagined you will.
Then I finally see...
in the distance, and I'm ready to give up everything.
All that never was.  

You're a Drop in my Ocean, I Never Knew I Would Find...

Rest on me.

Nothing feels like the ocean,
its reassuring ebb and flow.
I can't fault its changing tides, like life.
In a whisper,
the sound,
the sight,
the touch.
Nothing is more contemplative.
I watch,
close my eyes.