For Lovers Only

For Lovers Only

Friday, 2 December 2016

In Another Life Maybe...

A fragile heart that beats too slow,
a whisper of love, you had to let go.
For a time you took me away,
from who I was, then asked me to stay.

In my eyes you can always see,
who I am, who I'll always be.
You can trust that love and know for sure
that I couldn't ever close that door.
I had to wait for you to change your mind,
for your love to fade back in time.
To before we met,
before we knew,
a love so deep,
a moment so true.

When I piece my heart together,
in some time.
If I can learn again to walk the line.
Maybe I can tell you how I really feel.

I'll stitch together the memories we shared,
and let you see
everything we are and what you really mean to me. 

Saturday, 26 November 2016


They drown in thoughts deeper than the surface,
as they paddle in circles never closer to the shore.
The beating of so many hearts fade, an unfulfilled tone of inadequacy echoes.
Filling tomorrow with similar monotonous action.
In a mirror of continued madness.

Toward a sky they cannot hold,
in place of a life that fits the mould.

I stare from the other side,
climbing a tree to get a better line.
As I reach on, my heartbeat quickens.
Lips a deep red, as though dipped in sacrifice.

To take another step forward,
is a risk to fall.
Adrenalised warmth rushing under my skin.
Another breath, thin of air as I look within.

Toward a light no one else can see,
in search of a meaning greater than me.

I take a look at the sky above,
awaiting the stars return.
To a world that doesn't notice.
Why would they shine tonight?

Friday, 25 November 2016


I fall asleep before the day ends.
Shadows pulling me into the dark,
with the promise of filling the void in my heart.
But sweet dreams bring no rest.
They stand by idle, watching the day,
counting down until night, when I can come play.
But when I arrive I bring the waves.
The calming dark water, filling in the shadows space.
Then I can see who they really are,
and I don't know if I want a part.

I touch the surface of the water
it takes me in
not needing to know my sins. 

Saturday, 19 November 2016

Between the Light...

A dark night, full of light.
A hopeful dawn, at first sight.
The colours above, as down below,
shows the worlds heart, before it knew.
What it was or who it loved,
and why everything hurt each moment of,
a breath still thin, though a weight inside
In its lungs, a breath of life.
I wait now as it did before,
for the light to reach the forest floor.
All things live as the sun shares its love.
And all things are good, I can trust. 

Thursday, 20 October 2016

Next Time...

The moon won't come out to play,
as all the hugs in the world get together to warm the stars.
I can see the inside of your heart.
My nails make small crescent shaped marks on my hands.

I think, you should run as fast as you can
Then I wonder if I'm in the same place.
I know for sure you're not.
In my mind he and I still dance in grocery lines,
'till the end of time.

You're still breathing,
I pretend you died, then your words mean something different.

I finally open my palm, he slips between the gaps of my fingers,
as I let him go,
to free myself.

Wednesday, 10 August 2016

As we Break...

You're a flower, a breathe of air, a whisper in my dream.
A ray of sun, all the stars in my sky, everything it seems.
But as I look above the water and my lips break the waves,
the horizon tells me a story reminding me of all my past mistakes.
A fear catches hold of me as I try to swim away,
with a panic that leaves me as breathless as the day he walked away.

I feel so much and live too fast without much time to rest.
Though even without words, my heart has always beat quicker than the days pace at its best.

So maybe I'm not from here and to stay would be a crime,
because these four walls that you've built around me force me to step off line.
And as I stray further from the path and you fade from my mind.
I'm closer to the shadow of death that's followed me for all of time. 

Friday, 8 July 2016


As though the waves are trying to touch me,
The tide stretches across the sand as far as it can.
I breathe that morning air, new and fresh with hope and promise,
As though all that’s happened in the past that hurt me can be taken away.

I reach for your memory, because you will always be there,
But my hand just finds the shadows of the clouds resting across the horizon.
I feel tomorrow caressing my shoulder and all I can do is run on,
Reminded of your life against mine,
Our hearts beating together

For the rest of time.