For Lovers Only

For Lovers Only

Saturday, 14 May 2016

Dark Days...

The dust from the moon settles on me as I rest.
In and out I breath, hoping this is finally the end.

Once I was so scared I held my breath until I passed out.
Reality set in covering me up to my lips in doubt.

When I finally spoke, my words fell into a dark room.
No one was there to pick them up,
I wandered into the past alone.

I like to wait there for the day to end.
At least I already know what happens and I don't have to pretend.

I go back to all the places that hurt me the most,
to see how strong I really am
and remind myself of what matters most.

But as I walk the day and step in and out of light,
I see all these shadows that should have been there in stead of I.

Maybe that's a bad thing to think,
but maybe they don't know.
How precious life is, until its taken from under them,
before they've had a chance to grow.

What's all this waiting,
you don't have all this time
that was promised when you were born
a tragedy if you don't get time to walk the line?

But what is the line?
When you're forced to conform.
Where's all the adventure, the risks, the child in us that dies before we even know.

Then I'm out of breath and my vision starts to blur.
My eye lids are heavy but no sleep comes to me, so I defer
thinking of how much I want to go and be with them
and try to promise myself I won't.

Saturday, 30 April 2016

Imaginary City...

I fall in love with the shadows every time they fall. 
Things are different at night; people speak softly to each other as if afraid to wake the dark. Then as the daybreaks and life slowly falls into place the air becomes thinner, difficult to breath. And as though the light spoken of moments ago, came from nowhere, the sun starts to peek through, so hopeful. 
Not yet too bright no need to close your eyes.

My shadow stretches out across the ground as if waking from a sleep I never knew. It’s so much bigger than me, bigger than my heart. Because it’s a part of me I feel strong, though I know its glow before it was touched could burn the world, now it only flickers in and out as it tries to heal. 
My mind so open though from all that it feels, the details in everything.

Steps forward are effortless, a deep breath in winter you can feel in your lungs as a moment ends and a new one begins. The cool breeze as you step inside a new memory, like a blanket fallen to your side during the night.

Then the rain, enclosing me in a moment, I know everything’s real because I can feel the air touching my skin, then the sensation of falling sideways, the scent of perfume against her neck. A rush of blood to the head, then the black of night 
the ink on my page, a welcome home.

Most of the shadows that mill around me don’t hold life, like an English winter making everything grey, even their eyes the colour of cold tea. 
Life scares them back onto the walls out of sight, as though they were never there.

Too many people that are here don’t even exist.

Sorrow as you catch the scent of the rain falling as straight as a blades edge, the trees whispering sweet nothings to each other, indistinguishable like the moment between breaths.

Can you hear it? Someone is falling in love, right now somewhere, a single raindrop crawls to the end of her nose, falling to the puddle below awaiting the game. A second of consideration, though nothing was considered she jumps and falls, the fearless and innocent expectance that nothing will do her harm. 

Even if it does, she will jump and fall again, somewhere else for someone else, someone worth the risk.

Saturday, 9 April 2016

Falling Skies...

As the sky holds everything together, the world falls apart.
Like a spread of mountains against a soft dawn, bathing the day in a yellow light.
We don't realise what we miss when we close our eyes.

Where things grow in the shadows of the night.
How were we to ever know darkness can also give life?
And where would we look for flowers bursting through concrete?
Between the ones we never forgave,
and the bitter breath in our lungs that makes us weak.

As the clouds cry for all the things we never notice,
the sky finally lets everything go,
lost treasures fall to the Earth,
in and out of focus.

Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Day's Wake...

If I'd have known,
the sun would never rise,
the trees would never grow.

Sometimes the world is so perfect, it feels like a mistake.
We ride the line and as we get higher,
there's a break,
in the day.
As though life is letting us longer consider,
if we should walk away.

A second, a whisper, a look of love,
prepared me for the moment,
I'd always dreamed of...

I'm not lost, I'm just wandering.
And if everyone is lonely,
no one's ever alone.
And if your path was already set,
I was meant to step this way on my own.

Too long we've thought, that space beside us needs to be filled.
But if you think on everything, all the mistakes and what was willed,
you'll see in life there is no plan.
Your soft features, and your innocence is something that can stand,
on its own,
in the face of the wildest storm.
Because the one that's always stood beside us,
rather above,
built us strong enough to walk this path alone,
made our hearts in a way that lets them love again even if broke,
into pieces like a perfect wave.
Like the specs of sand that caress the Earth at the shores base.

As I see undistracted, I notice all the tiny details,
of this patchwork quilt that is the world,
and all the reasons it can't fail.

Photo I took flying over Australia recently...

Monday, 7 March 2016


Be not a kiss, a gaze, a breath.
Be not the words whispered in my ear as we dance on the edge.
If only a hand to hold when I feel so alone,
don't plan a future in the distance, a promise so hollow.
Compared to a raindrop against my skin, that soaks right in,
be the kiss that lingers on my neck when I whisper for you to come in.
A hometown history of two so in love,
travel through the sky with me, don't look down, just above.

We stroll on the path, hand in hand.
The journey up and down, though you stand,
steadfast as a tin soldier, from the fairytale I read as a child.
Up for all adventures, your spirit like mine, so wild.

Stand still while we breathe.
So you can feel the day.
To forget life for a moment and exist only in your gaze,
is an ocean I dive into when I feel so alone.
Though now it's only a memory slowly fading,
of what we were when we called each other home.

Sunday, 6 March 2016

Two Seconds, Stand Still...

It's a foreign land we set foot on,
the Earth's crust, a soft welcoming home.
Blinded by the forests' beauty,
weighed down by love alone.

Cast your eyes to the stars,
the night makes a home for your sight.
If feathers, could compare,
to the wonder in our eyes,
our flight wouldn't be so unsteady,
our path instead light.

Thoughts of the past, blur the days rays.
Making shadows create a home, in unwanted space.
What wonders have we seen?
So much we don't know.
Floating in the breeze,
two steps forward, back?
No one knows.

If light could keep me still,
I would have no need for flight.

The stars touch my eyes,
I can see the sky,
ahead, above, of worlds yet unknown.
So I pack my bag, heart still racing
to find a place to call my own.

Wednesday, 2 March 2016

We All Grew From Something...

I take in the scent of the paper,
my tears make a wave.
I can still smell the tree it grew from,
the Earth that built its frame.
For me, it wept and died,
and now bares all the weight,
of the ink from my pen and the blood from my heart,
and the heavy words that whisper his name.