For Lovers Only

For Lovers Only

Thursday, 3 September 2015


I'm away again,
catching up with other wandering souls.
The weight of air resting upon my shoulders.
I lose track of time,
my most favourite thing to do.
A whisper of light,
of life.
A silent breeze cuts through,
the grass before the sun has awoke,
the world is mine to take home.

Central Park Beginning of Fall...


Top of the World...

That Time They Painted Me on a Building...

Red Balloon...

That Time I Bought a Cowgirl Hat in NYC...

When Nature Prevails...

Brooklyn Loves Barclays...

That Time I Had a Sundae for Breakfast...

Tiny Bar East Village...


Still my Favourite Place in the World...

That Time I Bought a Pound of Gummie Bears...

Two Years After College at NYU we Meet Again, He's a Good Old Chap

Travelled from Australia for This Pizza, Bless You Roberta's
Now to Yellowstone, bye NYC see you next year x

Monday, 31 August 2015

In a Corner...

The still light waits for us.
You step first,
Brave, trusting you find a place,
to lay.
Dust finds a home on your jumper,
it clings to you as I have, in the past.

Our fate and path now thick with ice.
Its love is wasted now, its struck the street,
you rolled the dice.
Glitter and wonder stains the highway line.
The colour of our life,
that one we never had.

Saying nothing is enough for me.

Pack it up, take it home, watch it's still beating when you're alone.
All it takes is one step forward,
and I can see for miles and miles and miles. 

Sunday, 30 August 2015

Dreams of overcoming...

There's a certain freedom in realising you don't know anything.
About the world.
About life.
Yours or anyone else's.

All that I am in hollow light,
pen on paper, dark and light.
Somewhere God's pulling me apart from me.
Finding out what was took from me.

Your hand soft, a map of you life.
All I see is the red blood of your heart,
your soul full of light.

I lay awake,
all the mistakes lift me off my feet.
Straight above the clouds are low,
their scent nondescript like snow.

All the years you took from me.
Lined up in that forest of trees.
God's whispers of nothing is enough for me.

if we're quite will we break?
Even after this long hike,
do you think he'll stick with us?


When I got there I realised where I was always supposed to be.
As though all the beauty tore me apart,
all the emotion spilled out of me, my heart and everything I am flowed into the river.
Apart of nature again, as I was when first born.
Why did we ever leave, and where did we go that could be better?

It's a better day today,
the tips of my toes are at the edge of the Earth ready to explore it all.
I'm not holding on to anything,
I can breathe unlabored,
I can run for miles,
My eyes are open,
I'm not going to miss a thing.
I can love unburdened.
My heart is full.

Stranger on the Subway...

There's a feeling in the air,
a scent of wonder.
Maybe you're right beside me,
maybe you never let me go.

As though nothing were real I love you without caution.
As though nothing could hurt me, or take you away.

The life before you seems tendered,
like I lived it all in black and white.
Then all of a sudden a splash of colour,
now everything is covered in light.

Each step is a leap,
each pace a bound.
I've climbed the tallest tree that exists,
and can see the world for miles and miles.

I want to run as fast as I can towards you,
and leave this place for our other life,
where you're a farm boy and I'm your princess,
and we live simply in love for the rest of our lives. 

Sunday, 26 July 2015


Imagine the world and all that it is.
Isn't it amazing that anything exists,
when you think about all the things that come together to make life.
It would be so much easier for there to have been nothing at all.   

Friday, 10 July 2015


We're only half way out of the dark,
though our existence is still fundamental to all that is.
If we step out of that repetitive circle,
we can see the day, and there's the light.
Now we can, be.